Benedat LLC

Data Hut is a free service from Benedat LLC, a Data Science research and consulting firm located in Silicon Valley. Combining technology and business expertise, we provide insights to decision makers in software engineering, product management, and venture capital. Technology-focused services include technology selection, architecture, and prototype/proof-of-concept implementation. Business-focused services include go-to-market, alliances, and competitive analysis. We also can provide custom reports and training on the topics covered by Data Hut, including non-open source solutions as well.

For more information, see our website at https://www.benedat.com.

Our Methodology

To build this site, we use a data pipeline that incorporates both analytics on the digital history of each project and manually curated knowledge from our consulting work in data science and engineering.

Project-level Analytics

For each open source project, we look at basic information, statistics, and trends. Basic information includes purpose, git repository, website, license, corporate and nonprofit backing, and current news. Both code and contributor statistics are used to measure project size. Tends are measured over 12 months and 36 months. Many of our statistics are derived from the Git commit histories of these projects. For example, commit statistics can be used to determine absolute updates and trends in development activity over time. In addition, we measure how widely the project is spread across contributors and organizations. Many of a project’s metrics are aggregated by month. These metrics are calculated with respect to an effective date of the current month’s first day. Thus, such metrics will be updated once a month. The site is updated more frequently, due to project news and the addition of new content.

The size score is a combination of several quantized statistics reflecting a project’s absolute size. The trend score is a combination of several quantized statistics reflecting a project’s relative change in activity. The values for both scores range from 1 to 10, with 1 reflecting the smallest size or most negative trend rate and 10 reflecting the largest size or most positive trend rate.


We intend to add more projects, more data sources, and more analytics to this site over time. We will stay within our focus areas of data science and data engineering, as we want to provide you deeper insights rather than duplicating broad indexes available elsewhere on the web.